TOS-2 TOSOCHKA gallery

The new TOS-2 Tosochka is a radical departure from the TOS-1 Buratino and TOS-1A Solntsepyok. This time a 6×6 Ural 63704-0010 military truck has been used instead of a tank chassis, on which a new 220mm 18-cell rocket launcher has been installed. The rocket launcher is installed on a powered platform that allows a certain degree of elevation and rotation. At the rear it has two hydraulic outriggers that help stabilize the vehicle during firing.
The cabin of the truck is armored and allows the transport of the 5 members of the crew. This armor protects the occupants against artillery shell splinters and small arms fire, but it is indisputable that it offers much less protection than the tank chassis of its predecessors. Due to this, it is questionable that the TOS-2 can accompany a forward armored force with sufficient guarantees of survivability on the battlefield.
TOS-2 rockets are the same as those used by the TOS-1A, with a 45 kg incendiary or fuel-air explosive (thermobaric) warhead. The capacity of the rocket launcher has been reduced to 18 cells, but it has the advantage of being able to be self-loaded thanks to a hydraulic crane installed on board. It has been reported that a new long-range ammunition is under development, being able to hit targets located at 15,000 meters. This would greatly increase the tactical value of this vehicle.
Tosochka is powered by a YaMZ-652 diesel engine, which develops 440 hp and allows a road autonomy of about 1,000 km. Although being a wheeled vehicle gives it a huge advantage on long road trips, this puts it at a clear disadvantage compared to its predecessors when driving on rough terrain. According to some information, the Tosochka has been designed taking into account the use of the tracked TOS-1A in the Middle East, where the terrain is more suitable for wheeled vehicles.
Positioning, aiming and firing maneuvers are fully automated and can be performed from inside the cabin with the crew protected from the enemy. It also has a new battlefield management system, digital communications, a closed data transmission system and an electronic protection system against precision weapons. This system, manufactured by the firm Rostec, consists of a 76mm ammunition that fires automatically in the direction of the threat, generating an aerosol and dipole chaff that “blinds” the guidance systems of precision weapons. According to the manufacturer, it is effective against optical, radio, heat and laser guidance weapons and can be installed on all types of armored vehicles.
During 2020 and 2021 different tests have been carried out with various pre-production TOS-2s. These vehicles have been deployed with mobile units of the RChBZ (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Protection Troops) of the Central Military District, stationed in the Saratov region. The plans of the Russian Army consist of replacing the TOS-1A but not withdrawing them. They will be modernized and deployed in other regions where wheeled vehicles are not as suitable. According to Russian sources, this system has been deployed in Ukraine during the invasion that began in February 2022.

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