SSM-700K / C-STAR gallery

The C-Star is a sea-skimming missile that flies a few meters above the waves to avoid detection. It is estimated a range of about 150 km, although later versions can reach up to 300 km. There is an underwater launch version that reaches 1,500km, which makes it a cruise missile.
The Haeseong is a subsonic missile, although the more modern Haeseong II and III variants fly over Mach 1. The Tactical Surface Launch Missile (TSLM) version has been developed to attack ground targets and can be launched from ships and ground platforms.
Initially they were only operated by the KDX-II and KDX-III class destroyers, but their use has spread among several classes of Korean frigates and corvettes. The missile has been exported to the Colombian Navy for its Padilla-class corvettes and to the Philippine Navy for its future HDF-3000 frigates.

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