SSB M3 gallery

The SSB (Schwimm Schnell Brücke) M3 is a vehicle with 4 wheels drive and traction which allows an excellent mobility both on the road and rough terrain. In the water it is driven by 2 hydrojets that allow it to move transversely if necessary at a maximum speed of 14 km/h. The vehicle has a fire extinguishing system, a hydraulic crane, a hydraulic level control of the chassis, an automatic tire pressure control system and bilge pumps.
The M3 is manufactured entirely in aluminum and consists of the main floating body, two hydraulic rotating side floats and three pontoons or ramps for the transport or passage of vehicles. A single M3 can transport a vehicle of up to 20 tons acting as a ferry, but when a bridge of pontoons is formed, the bridge supports the passage of tracked vehicles of up to 70 tons or up to 100 tons in the case of the wheeled vehicles.
With only eight M3 vehicles, a floating bridge can be formed that allows crossing a 100-meter-wide watercourse. This operation can be done in just 20 minutes and by 24 people, an achievement when compared to the 48 people and 45 minutes it took to perform the same operation with the previous M2 Alligator vehicle.
More than 100 M3 are currently in service in Brazil, Germany (27), Indonesia (18), Singapore, Taiwan (22) and the UK (38). The United Kingdom used its M3 during Operation Telic in Iraq, (on the image), when in March 2003 the 28 Engineer Regiment helped the 3 Commando Brigade in its advance over Basra. Despite its enormous dimensions, the M3 can be transported by large transport aircraft such as the C-17 Globemaster or the C-5 Galaxy.

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