BMR-3M / MA gallery

The BMR-3M mounts Kontakt-1 ERA (explosive reactive armor) that greatly improves its survival on the battlefield, since this vehicle is designed to accompany avant-garde armored units during their advances.
The BMR-3M has two crew members and a team of three engineers who can operate outside if necessary. The bottom’s armour has been reinforced and withstand an explosion of an anti-tank mine in any area under the vehicle.
In addition to the KMT-7 equipment to deactivate the mines by means of the rollers, the BMR-3M has installed a Radiofrequency Interferometer (RFI) that deactivates mines with proximity fuses activated by radiofrequency, which makes it a very effective vehicle.
The BMR-3M is built on the chassis of a T-72S tank, it has a space above the engine compartment in which it can carry up to 5 tons of cargo. It also has a crane for a maximum lifting capacity of 2,500 kg.
The BMR-3M has a 12.7mm machine gun for its protection and has a NBC protection system that allows it to operate in contaminated environments. It also has a smoke generating system to hide quickly from the enemy’s sight.
In mid-2017 the deliveries of the BMR-3MA to the Russian Army began. This new vehicle uses the chassis of the tank T-90 and has several improvements over the previous model, both in protection and electromagnetic jammers, of which it has two devices instead of one.
The BMR-3MA has an automatic dual-use fire-extinguishing device, a deep wading kit, an improve air conditioning system, a self-digging system and a nuclear, biological, chemical and radiological (NBCR) protection system.
The latest version of the BMR-3M family is a remotely operated one that has been designated as BMR-3MA Prokhod-1. This unmanned vehicle passed the tests with the Russian Army in the summer of 2016, so it is assumed that it should have entered service in recent dates. Here we can see it next to his control unit, installed on a Kamaz 63501 truck.

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