Sav m/43 gallery

The Sav m/43 appeared in 1944 had a Bofors 75mm gun, which although powerful, did not meet the expectations for a new vehicle with anti-tank capacity, so while the first batch was manufactured, Bofors was designing a new 105mm gun.
Several 75mm Sav m/43 assault guns were deployed at the border with Norway in February 1945 until German surrender. The capacities of the vehicle were excellent and it was decided to manufacture another batch, but with 105mm gun instead of 75mm gun.
Once the new 105mm gun was ready, all vehicles were modified and the powerful gun was mounted. In 1947, all Sav m / 43 had the new armament, increasing its anti-tank capacity significantly.
The vehicle was quite light and had good mobility with its 162 hp Scania engine. The armour reached 50mm thick in some parts of the vehicle, which provided good protection for its  4 crew members.
The Sav m / 43 were distributed in batteries of 6 vehicles each within the Assault Artillery Divisions. The basis vehicle was the Czech model TNH tank, which served as the basis for several more Swedish vehicles.
The main mission of the Sav m/43 was to support the infantry with direct fire or with artillery indirect fire, but thanks to its powerful gun, it was possible to provide effective anti-tank protection.

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