M-113 C&R / LYNX CR gallery

This is the M-113 C&R vehicle shown in 1966 and which was chosen by the Dutch Army. The Detroit Diesel 6V53 engine and the Allison TX.100 transmission were mounted on the rear and the differential was in the frontal of the vehicle. It carried a small FMC model 74 turret with twin 7.62mm M73 machine guns.
Later, the “Improved M-113 1/2 Recon Vehicle” was presented. It was very similar in appearance to the model chosen by the Canadian Army. It could sail at 6 km/h driven by two bilge pumps. It mounted a 12.7mm heavy machine gun and the engine was a Detroit Diesel 6V53T.
In the 70’s the 12.7mm machine gun was replaced by an Oerlikon-Bührle GBD A.05 turret with a 25mm Oerlikon KBA gun in the Dutch vehicles. The Netherlands received 250 examples of the M-113 C&V, according to its own designation.
The Dutch Army retired all their vehicles and transferred some of them to Bahrain and Chile in the early 90s, although they are not currently in service in either of the two countries.
The Canadian vehicles had a small central dome equipped with several periscopes for the commander, who also operated the 12.7mm machine gun from inside the vehicle. Another 7.62mm machine gun was in the rear of the vehicle and was operated by the radio operator.
 174 Lynx CR replaced the Ferret wheeled vehicles in the Canadian Army and were in service for 25 years to be replaced again by the new Coyote wheeled scout vehicle. During the Cold War they were deployed in Germany with their vanguard troops.

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