SA-9 GASKIN gallery

Approved for service in 1968, the SA-9 “Gaskin” is one of the most widespread air defense systems in Africa and in the former Eastern European countries, with more than 1,200 examples deployed.
The launcher vehicle lack radar system, so the battery has a radar carrier type “9S16 Flat Box” that receives the radio waves of the incoming aircrafts and allows to acquire the target for the optical system.
This system is designed to defend units in the battlefield, so it is highly mobile and accompanies the vanguard units in the advances, usually with Regiments.
The SA-9 Gaskin launchers usually do not carry missiles for reloading, and this is done manually in about five minutes. The turret goes down when the vehicle moves reducing enormously the total height.
9M31 missile has a passive infra red guide homing head, and a HE fragmentation warhead, with magnetic, contact and proximity fuzes. In addition, the missile includes a system that prevents the missile from exploding if target is not reached.
9M31 Strela-1 SA-9 “Gaskin” system was first seen in the 1975 Moscow Parade, as part of the Army’s Tactical Anti-Air Defense units.
Defensive tactics consist in the launching of 2 missiles at the same time to ensure the impact. The guidance system of the missile is quite limited and it is believed that it is only effective in use together with the Strela-2 and ZSU.23-4 systems.
The Russian Naval Infantry also has several dozens of SA.9 Gaskin, suitable for its high mobility and ease of rapid deployment in any threatening situation.
SA-9B Gaskin Mod0 was developed as soon as the basic model entered service, just 2 years after its deployment within the units.
SA-9 and SA-9B have been present in all major conflicts since the 70s. The 1973 Yom Kippur War, the Gulf Wars or the 2015 Yemeni War have had the distinctive silhouette of this AA system.
Former Yugoslavia used several dozens in their civil wars and against NATO bombing campaigns in the decade of the 90s. They were employed by both the Army and the Air Defense Forces.

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