AHS KRAB gallery

The development of the 155mm AHS Krab has been a long and certainly cumbersome way to get the final vehicle. Although the whole project started in 1997, it was not until the end of 2016 when the first vehicles arrived to the Polish army.
In a first stage of development, the British AS-90M turret was chosen. This turret was mounted on a Polish chassis formed by parts from the SPG-1M tractor and from the PT-91 Twardy tank. In 2002 there were two prototypes with this configuration, as can be seen in this image.
During 2008, the first Regiment had to be formed with AHS Krab vehicles, but due to financial problems, the development was stopped until 2012, continuing the tests during those four years.
In 2011, another configuration appeared in which AHS Krab mounted a French 155mm Nexter howitzer along with a new chassis from the UPG firm, as can be seen in this image. This year, the 3 produced Krabs began the fire tests.
During years 2012 and 2013, eight new vehicles were used to continue the trials by mounting various electronic and fire control systems. The Polish Army tested a system of control and command of artillery batteries designated as “Regina”.
In 2014, the South Korean Samsung company was chosen to build 120 K.9 Thunder self-propelled howitzer chassis.  Twenty-four were delivered in 2017, and the rest will be manufactured under license in Poland.


Finally, in 2015 all systems were integrated allowing to start production in 2016. All AHS Krab howitzers with UPG chassis have been changed by the K.9 chassis to get a homogeneous fleet. (This picture shows the AHS Krab with the 155mm Nexter howitzer in the UPG chassis).
The final AHS Krab, assembles a German 155mm Rheinmetall’s barrel on a British AS-90M turret. In turn, it is assembled on a South Korean K.9 chassis and everything is controlled by a Topaz artillery fire control system developed by WB Electronics of Poland. This weapon shows an excellent example of international systems integration.

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