Pegaso 3050 gallery

Pegaso 3050 became the “normalized” heavy truck within the Spanish armed forces, being present in every military events and exercises. In the general cargo version it could carry up to 30 equipped soldiers. Several thousands were used in Spain with excellent results.
Load capacities of this truck were quite remarkable being able to take up to 10 tons by road or 6 tons in all terrain. It could also tow artillery pieces and trailers up to 14.5 tons by road or 7.5 tons in rough terrain. Here we see a Spanish Land Army’s “3050” towing a 155/23mm M-114 howitzer that weighs almost 6 tons.
The transmission consisted of six forward gears and a reverse gear coupled to a transfer case with two reductions that allowed twelve forward gears and two gears to drive on difficult terrain. The “long” reduction could act on two or three axes indistinctly, but the “short” reduction could only be used in 6×6 driving.
The range of variants of the Pegaso 3050 grew and we can find them as refrigerators, (like the one in the image), MAN bridge-holders, tanker, dump-truck, crane, tractor for semitrailers, workshop, kneader, oven, firefighting or as a platform for the Teruel multiple rocket launcher system.
This is the tractor-truck model, one of the less common variant. The maximum speed of the Pegaso 3050 was 70 km/h at full load, could overcome water courses of 1 meter without preparation and could exceed maximum slopes of up to 83% depending on the terrain.
Pegaso 3050 had a 6 cylinders 170 hp Pegaso 9100/40 diesel engine that consumed about 22 liters at 100km. With its 245 liters capacity tank, it had a range of about 1,100 km travel by road. This model was the very first heavy truck manufactured by the Spanish ENASA-Pegaso company.

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