MAZ-537 gallery

This MAZ-537, (early production model), was the first tank transporter specifically designed for this purpose. Of impressive aspect, its capacities also were it, having an engine more powerful than many of the tanks of that time, what gave it exceptional off-road performance.
This image shows a MAZ-537, (early production model), transporting a 36 tons T-54/55 medium tank. The Red Army’s main requirements for this vehicle were: to be able to operate in extreme climatic conditions from -50ºC to + 50ºC, excellent cross-county mobility, high reliability, easy maintenance and NBC protection.
The second variant was the MAZ-537G, (intermediate production type). It appeared in the late sixties with several differences such installation of  only two headlights, vertical ventilation louvres on the sides of the engine compartment and two small ventilation hatches on the vehicle’s front.
In this MAZ-537G, the winch compartment is clearly visible between the second and the third axis, in the V-shaped step. This truck, like the one in the previous image, belonged to the Ukrainian Army. The winch was used both to upload the vehicles to the semitrailer and for self-recovery tasks.
The 50 ton capacity MAZ/ChMZAP-5247G semitrailer was the standard type used by the MAZ-537 truck. The semitrailer weighed 18 tons empty and could transport vehicles up to 50 tons with a gross train weight of 90 tons.
This MAZ-537G carries a 47-ton ISU-152 self-propelled gun. The truck and trailer set reached 20 meters in length and was extremely difficult to handle in urban areas. The maximum speed of the convoy was between 20 and 40 km/h depending on the terrain. On this occasion the semitrailer is a 3-axis ChMAZAP-9990 model.
The MAZ-537 was exported to Cambodia, East Germany, Egypt, Finland, Iran and Yugoslavia, in addition to being distributed among all the countries of the Warsaw Pact. The picture shows a MAZ-537G from the Finnish army carrying a T-55 tank.
In the mid-seventies, the third variant of MAZ-537, (late production type), appeared. The most clearly visible differences with the previous model were the suppression of the ventilation hatches on the front of the cabin and a straight-shaped step between engine compartment and the fifth wheel. Regarding the capacities, these remained similar to model G.
A MAZ-537 “late production type” carries a 46 tons T-80 MBT on a ChMAZAP-9990 semitrailer. This semitrailer is a more modern design than ChMZAP-5247G, weighs 20 tons empty and can carry loads up to 65 tons.
The last model of MAZ-537 was called “last production type”. It appeared in the 80s and the main differences with the previous model were the removal of fuel tank cover, improved interior of the cab, improved rear view mirrors, modification of tires and rear bumpers and other minor component improvements.
Despite having a substitute, (the KZKT-7428 Rusich), many MAZ-537 still in service, both in the Russian Army and other countries. This design from Minskiy Avtomobilniy Zavod (MAZ), after more than 35 years of production, will always remain as the Soviet “missile truck” par excellence with its quasi-twin MAZ-535.
This is the MAZ-537A “last production type”, which differed from the tractors because it had a cargo area instead of the fifth wheel. Normally this area was used to carry ballast, (dead freight), to improve traction of the rear axles in towing tasks, being able to tow up to 75 tons on the road or 30 on rough terrain.

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