PANTHER F gallery

The Panther F ‘s turret was very similar to the Tiger II ‘s turret, especially the frontal plate. The front was increased to 120mm, the sides and back to 60mm and the hull roof reached 40mm in thickness. The weight did not increase due to the reduction in the overall dimensions. The turret was prepared for the installation of a stereoscopic rangefinder, for which two small protuberances were enabled, one on each side of the turret.
The gun installed was the KwK-42/1 L/70, similar to the original one, and a 7.92mm MG-42 coaxial machine gun and a 7.92mm MP-44 assault rifle were installed in the glacis plate. The Panther F had to be delivered to the units ready for an easy conversion in the command tank (Panzerbefehlswagen) with the installation of antennas and long-range radios in the turret and was also equipped with the necessary accessories to be able to install the FG-1250 infra red night vision device.
Some other minor modifications were the installation of new hatches for the driver and the hull gunner, the increase in the thickness of the hull roof up to 25mm and a commander’s cuppola equipped with 7 periscopes and a hinged hatch with an opening to take out a TSF-1 spotting periscope without opening the hatch. There is no doubt that if this tank had entered into service in sufficient quantity with infra-red night vision equipment it would have been a formidable opponent for the allied armor, but its development could not be completed in time to see it on the battlefield.

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