Ordoñez M-1892 305mm gallery

Ordoñez M-1892 OHS coastal defence howitzer was manufactured using the “zunchado” technique, which consisted of placing several steel sleeves around the barrel to increase its strength significantly. Hence the letters “OHS” in its designation, by “Obus de Hierro Sunchado” or “Hounched Iron Howitzer”.
These howitzers were mounted on iron gun carriages with a central turning frame that allowed them a traverse of 360º. Ordoñez M-1892 fired the following ammunition types: ordinary grenade, steel armor grenade, hardened smelting grenade and shrapnel grenade.
All artillery pieces designed by Salvador Ordoñez were manufactured in small lots since they were always considered experimental, although they were in service and were regulated. Only 4 pieces from the M-1892 model were enlisted, wich formed a single battery located on the port of Barcelona.
These howitzers had a length of 12.5 calibers and the barrel was almost 4 meters long. They weighed 14.5 tons and fired a 275 kg grenade at a maximum distance of almost 10 km and had an elevation of -10º to + 68º.

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