GHN-45 155mm gallery

The GHN-45 is the Austrian version of the GC-45 howitzer designed by the Canadian engineer Gerald Bull. This engineer worked on some controversial projects as the Canadian-American HARP and was the one who designed the Iraqi “supergun” within the Babylon Project. Gerald Bull was assassinated in March of 1990 almost certainly by Israeli agents due to their development programs with Saddam Hussein.
When Gerald Bull settled in Belgium he founded the European Poudreries Réunies de Belgique (EPRB), which was a subsidiary of the Space Research Corporation (SRC) of Canada. Noricum through EPRB sold to Iraq 200 GHN-45 like the one in this image and 100 more were manufactured in South Africa. The howitzer had a good range, but finally it was less than the expected by the Allies when Operation Desert Storm was unleashed.
Thailand’s Marine Corps currently has twelve 105mm GC-45 and several 155mm GHN-45 howitzers in service, (the last ones used for coastal defence), and the Army has ninety 155mm GHN-45 (on the image). More than fifteen countries have used howitzers derived from the original GC-45 model in their different Chinese, Israeli and Austrian variants mainly.

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