MUMA artillery gallery

40mm ARELLANO infantry accompaniment gun: Gun made in Spain in the 1930s for the purpose of supporting the infantry. Although several more types were projected, such as anti-tank and for vehicles, finally only the version for infantry was manufactured, (image taken in 2014).
150/42mm K-18 field gun: During the Civil War the Nationalist army received twelve units. This impressive German heavy howitzer weighs 18.6 tons and measures 8.60 meters in length. This piece was not part of the museum’s public exhibition in 2014, and its current destination is unknown, (image taken in 2014).
122/46mm M1931/37 (A-19) field gun: In 1943, Spain received 150 of these guns, which had been captured by Germany during Operation Barbarossa. Later 32 more guns were ordered, and finally this gun was manufactured in Spain by the firm Trubia. Many of these excellent Soviet guns were modernized in the 1970s and were in service until the 1990s. This piece was not part of the museum’s public exhibition in 2014, and its current destination is unknown, (image taken in 2014).
20mm OERLIKON anti-aircraft gun: Gun originally from Switzerland, which was used in Spain by both sides during the Spanish Civil War, (image taken in 2014).
88/56mm FLAK-36 anti-aircraft gun: Gun made in Germany that had its baptism of fire with the Nationalist side during the Spanish Civil War. Although it was an anti-aircraft gun, it was used as field artillery and as an anti-tank gun. In fact, it was in Spain where it began his successful career as an anti-tank gun, (image taken in 1996).
88/56mm FLAK-36 anti-aircraft gun: After the Civil War it was manufactured under license in Spain and was in service with the Spanish Army, Spanish Air Force and Spanish Navy until well into the 1970s, (image taken in 2014).
25mm PUTEAUX anti-tank gun: Gun made in France and used in WWII. The Germans captured a large number of them and some were ceded to Spain in 1943 under the German-Spanish BÄR program, (image taken in 2014).
45mm Model 1932 anti-tank gun: Anti-tank gun manufactured in the USSR as a result of the German-Soviet collaboration of the interwar period. This gun was purchased by the Republic during the Spanish Civil War of 1936-39. After the war, a Spanish version of this gun was manufactured and remained in service for quite some time, (image taken in 2014).
45/44mm PLACENCIA anti-tank gun: This gun made in Spain, is the indigenous version of the Soviet anti-tank gun “Model 1932“. Differences can be seen in the wheels and in the barrel shield, collapsible in this model, (image taken in 2014).
60/50mm PLACENCIA anti-tank gun: Gun manufactured in Spain in 1953 by the company “Placencia de las Armas”. It was suitable for mountain troops as it could be disassembled into eight loads for easy transport, (image taken in 2014).
75mm PAK-40 anti-tank gun: Gun made in Germany that became the main German anti-tank gun during WWII. Variants of this model were developed for vehicles, field artillery and even coastal artillery, (image taken in 1996).
75mm PAK-40 anti-tank gun: Spain acquired 150 Pak-40 guns within the BÄR program, which arrived in 1943 and remained in service until 1977, (image taken in 2014).
75mm M-20 recoilless gun: Gunmade in the USA at the end of WWII, (image taken in 2014).
106mm round of the M-40 recoilless gun: (image taken in 2014).
75/40mm VERDEJA self-propelled howitzer prototype: Vehicle designed and manufactured in Spain in 1945 based on the Verdeja-1 light tank, to which a 75mm RR rapid-fire gun was installed, (image taken in 1996).
75/40mm VERDEJA self-propelled howitzer prototype: Despite the tests were very satisfactory, the short range of the gun limited its effectiveness and it was decided to cancel the project in 1946, (image taken in 2014).
105/23mm M-37 self-propelled howitzer (SPH): Vehicle manufactured in the USA at the end of WWII. Spain had 28 units in service as of 1957, (image taken in 1996).
105/23mm M-37 self-propelled howitzer (SPH): In Spain he was framed in units of Cavalry and Mechanized Infantry. The vehicle carried 126 105mm shells for immediate use, (image taken in 2014).
203mm M-55 self-propelled howitzer (SPH): Vehicle manufactured in the USA on the hull of the medium tank M-47. In 1974 four units arrived in Spain from Belgium, (image taken in 1996).
203mm M-55 self-propelled howitzer (SPH): These vehicles were attached to the Artillery Academy of Segovia, but did not enter service with any operational unit of the Army, (image taken in 2014).
105/30mm M-108 self-propelled howitzer (SPH): Made in the USA, its chassis and turret is similar to the 155mm M-109. Spain had 48 of them in service in two Artillery Regiments belonging to the “Jarama” and “Castillejos” Cavalry Brigades, (image taken in 2014).
203mm M-110A2 self-propelled howitzer (SPH): Made in the USA, this piece has been the most powerful in service in Spain. This vehicle is in perfect running condition and can be seen in motion at open days and military celebrations within the base, (image taken in 2014).
203mm M-110A2 self-propelled howitzer’s barrel : The tube has a total length of more than 7 meters, (image taken in 1996).

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