MAV-5 / VM-90P gallery

Italy acquired 200 MAV-5 for the Army and designated them as VM-90P, 12 more were purchased for Carabinieri police unit. Although it is not a “war” vehicle, it can carry out useful surveillance and control missions in low intensity conflicts.
The MAV-5 is a good example of how to build a cheap vehicle using a civilian truck as basis. This vehicle can perform tasks, such as peacekeeping missions, for which bulky military vehicles are not always well accepted by the civilian population.
This is the Terrier LAU, (light armoured unit), a direct development of the MAV-5 manufactured by Krauss-Maffei Wegmann and Iveco. The vehicle on the image carry the colors of the Polish Army, which tested it but did not acquire it. However, it was luckier in the United Arab Emirates, which acquired 10 units for its police forces.

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