COUGAR H / HE gallery

The Cougar H appeared in 2004 after a request from the US Marine Corps and it has the same designation as a previous vehicle of the same firm, but it was a completely new design. The 4×4 Cougar H mounts electro-optical equipment for surveillance and exploration missions and was deployed in Irak.
Cougar H family are protected against all types of 7.62mm ammunition and can withstand the explosion of devices with up to 14 kg of TNT. They can mount light weapons and are designed to allow future improvements in protection and electronics.
4×4 Cougar H has a 330 hp diesel engine that gives excellent mobility and range capabilities. It can take up to 4 troops and inicially they were deployed with engineers units to carry out EOD missions (explosive ordnance disposal).
This is the 6×6 Cougar HE, a model with greater load capacity, it can carry up to 8 troops. This variant is the command and control version and has additional radio and communications systems.
Cougar HE has a much higher level of protection than the Cougar H, and can withstand all types of 12.7mm ammunition. It has the same 330 hp diesel engine and the performances are similar to those of the 4×4 variant. Its armament consists of light machine guns and remote weapon stations like the CROWS.
The Cougar HE is in service with the USMC, US Army and USAF and currently there are about 3,000 active vehicles. It is also in service in almost 20 countries but in small quantities.
Timberwolf model is a design developed to meet the needs of the Canadian Army. Basically it is similar to the British Wolfhound, both in appearance and in the role to play. It has a 450 hp Caterpillar C9 engine and a Oshkosh TAK-4 independent suspension system.
This vehicle weighs almost 27 tons and has a level of protection similar to the other members of the Cougar family. 7.62mm machine guns and 40mm grenade launchers can be installed and though this program started in 2011, it has not entered into service yet.

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