Lohner / Ufag C.1 gallery

The Austro-Hungarian Empire, like any other power of its time, chose to develop its own Aeronautical sector to be able to face the future of its Armed Forces with a certain autonomy. As an example of that bet, we found the Lohner B.VII reconnaissance aircraft, of which 73 units were built.
After Lohner B.VII model, a more capable and versatile armed version called C.1 was built, of which 43 units were manufactured by the Lohner and UFAG companies.
UFAG C.1 and its unarmed brother Lohner B.VII carried out long distance reconnaissance missions with remarkable success, especially in the Italian Front, although it was not strange that they also carried out some bombing raids during the same period.
The usual weapons load consisted of six 12 kg lightweight bombs and a machine gun, which is not much, but we must bear in mind that the main mission of these two aircraft were always reconnaissance, not bombing.

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