Fokker C.V gallery

The Netherlands received almost 70 Fokker C.V between 1926 and 1934. When they were attacked by Germany in May 1940, they still had some 30 examples in service with different units, which carried out valiant reconnaissance missions and risky ground attacks at very low altitude.
Norway was one of the main users of the Fokker C.V, receiving the first in 1926. Later, this model was manufactured under license in the country and the Norwegian Army Air Service received 15 C.V-E variant until 1931 and 28 C.V-D variant until 1939.
Norway was attacked by Germany in April 1940, and at that time most of the 48 Fokker C.V were still in service, so they fought bravely especially from April to June 1940, carrying out bombing and reconnaissance missions.
The Norwegian Fokker C.V helped their country to be the one, after the USRR, that could longer contain the German Invasion Force. The “Norwegian Campaign” lasted 62 days, in which the Fokker fought hard, especially in the Narvik Front, in very rough terrain and tough conditions.
Denmark was occupied by Germany in April 1940 through Operation Weserübung, and that’s when they captured some Fokker C.V-E. These aircraft were assigned in 1944 to an Estonian volunteer unit known as Nachtschlachtgruppe 11, which carried out night ground attack missions and fought on the Eastern Front against the Soviet front lines.

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