Kynos ALJABA K15-100 gallery

The Kynos 6×6 Aljaba K15-100 took advantage of the experiences acquired by Kynos in the manufacture of the previous 8×8 Aljaba, a truck developed for off-road heavy transport that was in service in the Spanish and South African Armies. However, the K15-100 truck is more focused on road transport, although it maintains off-road capacity thanks to its 6×6 layout. During its development, a service ratio of 70% on road and 30% off-road was calculated and during the tests the truck demonstrated excellent performance on roadways and on compacted sand tracks.
(K15-100 with Leopard 2A4 MBT image). During the evaluation of the two prototypes, the economic offer, ease of maintenance and the after-sales service were also considered in which the Spanish firm clearly prevailed. Unfortunately, the Kynos firm went bankrupt in 2003, although a financial group called Group SPA took over the delivery of all contracted trucks as well as the maintenance of the entire fleet. In turn, Group SPA also went bankrupt in 2007, taking over the maintenance of trucks from different companies through specific tenders.
The Spanish Armed Forces received 47 Kynos 6×6 Aljaba K15-100 tank transporters for a total amount of about 13 million euros. Seventeen units were delivered in 2001, five in 2002, ten in 2003, thirteen in 2004 and the last two in 2005. Eighteen K15-100 trucks incorporate two Rotzler 25 ton capacity winches (on the image) for recovery tasks. In addition, forty seven Trayl-Ona GP6CHS13T model flatbed semitrailer were purchased. These transporters are framed mainly within the Spanish Army but there are a reduced number within the Spanish Marines.
The K15-100 truck is built on a rectangular chassis made of elastic steel, highly resistant to torsion, made up of two “U” -shaped beams and bolted crossbeams. The front axle suspension is made up of multiple leaf springs with shock absorbers and stabilizer bar. In contrast, axles 2 and 3 have a cantilever-type suspension with drawbars. The frontal axle wears 385/65 R.225XZA1 type tires and the rear axles wears 315/80 R225XOE2 type tires.
(K15-100 with Bufalo ARV image). The K15-100 tractor has a triple braking system consisting of the service system, the auxiliary/parking system and the continuous braking system. The service brakes are double-circuit air and act on all wheels, also having ABS. The auxiliary/parking brake is made up of preloaded spring chambers that act if there is no air pressure. And the continuous brake has a hydrodynamic retarder in the torque converter and an engine brake.
This tractor truck has a weight of 14.22 tons (16.55 with winches), and dimensions of 8.34 meters long, 2.50 meters wide and 3.24 meters high. It has a 15,874cc water-cooled V8-cylinder Deutz BF8M1015C diesel turbo engine that develops 540 hp coupled to a ZF 16S-251 mechanical gearbox with 16 forward speeds and 2 reverse. It also has a ZF WSK440 Transnmatic torque converter and a torque distributor with differential lock. In the cabin can go up to 6 people, driver and assistant plus the crew of the transported vehicle if necessary.
(K15-100 with Leopard 2A4 MBT image). The GP6CHS13T model flatbed semitrailer was manufactured by the Spanish firm Trayl-Ona and has six steering axles controlled by the 5th wheel. The large loading area has a low floor platform, which allows the transport by road of practically any type of vehicle without exceeding the maximum authorized height of 4 meters. The semitrailer has two spare wheels for the tractor and another two for the semitrailer itself.
(K15-100 with Bufalo ARV image). This semitrailer has dimensions of 17.24 meters long and 3.60 meters wide and weighs 23.5 tons. Its maximum load capacity is 70 tons and it can support a maximum axle load of 12.4 tons. It has hydraulic suspension through a 70-liter power circuit and has pneumatic brakes powered by the tractor. This platform wears 24 type 285/70 R19.5 148/145J tires and has two ramps 2.55 meters long and 60 cm wide for loading and unloading vehicles.
(K15-100 with two Pizarro IFV image). The Kynos K15-100 tank transporter reaches 90 km/h on the road (empty), and about 76 km/h fully loaded. It can climb slopes of up to 20% on hard, dry surfaces and can ride side slopes of up to 8%. The range depends on the terrain but it is between 700 and 1,000 km thanks to the 800 liters of fuel carried in two tanks. Thanks to this enormous capacity, it is common to carry two APC or IFV type vehicles, giving the Combat Units greater flexibility.
(K15-100 with Leopardo 2E MBT image). When the K15-100 transporters entered service, they were framed in the Logistics Groups of the three Army’s Mechanized Brigades and the Transportation Group of the Naval Infantry. Currently, after a restructuring, all the Army’s K15-100 have been assigned to the Special Transport Group I/1 within the Transport Group No. 1 based in Madrid, and currently 41 trucks are still in service, 13 of them with winches for recovery tasks.
According to the operating regulations of Transport Group No.1, a minimum of 22 tractors and 22 semi-trailers must always be operational. This amount is necessary so that the Unit is capable at all times of transporting a complete battle tanks Battalion, (composed by 44 vehicles), in just 2 movements.
(K15-100 with Leopardo 2E MBT image). Despite the fact that these heavy transports are relatively new, it is known that some have been decommissioned and scrapped, probably due to the inability to find suitable spare parts due to the bankruptcy of the company that manufactured them. This truck is used exclusively by the Spanish Armed Forces despite having some really brilliant performance, which unfortunately, (once again), have not been endorsed with sufficient industrial or financial support.


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