Among the most remarkable Hesperides‘s facts are the discovery of a transforming fault at 2,000 meters deep in the Balearic Islands, the discovery of an 8 km long submerged island at north of Tenerife Island and the discovery of a 500 meters high volcano at 2,225 meters deep between Tenerife Island and Gran Canaria Island, an authentic scientific enigma.
The ship has a hangar for one AB-212 helicopter, 500 m2 of laboratories, 1,000 m2 of space for cargo, 4 winches, 5 cranes, 2 inflatable boats, 1 lifeboat and 2 polar crafts. The electronic equipment is very complete and consists of an ARPA ECDIS 3050 and 9410 navigation radars, a SECOMSAT satellite communications system, two DGPS positioning systems and a GMDSS Communications device. The armament is composed by a machine gun and portable weapons for strictly defensive tasks.
The ship is based in Cartagena Naval Base, Murcia, Spain, and it takes a month to reach the Antarctic bases. Hesperides usually makes courtesy visits in Centromerica ports and conducts scientific campaigns to study the seas during these voyages. The ship’s hull is designed to navigate between ice up to 45 cm thick and her range is about 22,220 km.

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