GOLIATH (Sd Kfz.302) gallery

The Goliath or Gerät 67, was moved by 2 electric motors, which made it very expensive to produce. In addition they were unreliable, and difficult to maintain and repair in combat conditions. This example belongs to the Duxford Museum’s collection, England.
A two-wheeled trailer was used to transport the Goliath to the combat zone. Despite its small size the vehicle was not easily man-handled without mechanical help because it weighed 370kg.
After their deployment, the Goliaths could wait in hiding until their prey were within their reach and then go out and destroy them. Despite being an easy tactic on paper, they were not very effective in combat.
Allied troops examine the roll of cable through which Goliath was driven. The Allies found many of these “beetle tanks” intact, as they were nicknamed by the troops.
The Goliath were used by engineers units or “Pioniers”, as in the Battle of Kursk where they supported the 654th Schwere Panzerjägerabteilung, composed by Ferdinad tank destroyers.

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