7.5cm PaK.40 GW 39H gallery

The 7.5cm PaK.40 auf GW 39H (f) carried the PaK.40 L/46, (46 calibers), anti tank gun. This gun had a traverse of 30 degrees on each side inside the open roof superstructure.
In July 1944, during Operation Goodwood some examples belonging to the 200th Group of assault guns attacked the British forces in Caen, Normandy. This unit was framed within the 21st Panzer Division.
In 1944, when the PaK.40 auf GW 39H had its toughest fighting, the 75mm gun was still effective against almost all Allied tanks. Only the heaviest Sherman Jumbo, M-26 Pershing, Soviet IS and some Churchill models could withstand an impact of a 75mm round at normal combat distances at that time.
The small size of this tank destroyer made it ideal for ambushes in the typical areas of Normandy, full of trees and dense bushes where to hide. Often the clashes occurred only a few tens of meters away.

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