GHAURI I gallery

North Korea has been key in the development of the Pakistani Ghauri missile. Certainly, it can not be said that Ghauri is a copy, but it is a derivative from the North Korean Rodong-1 missile.
Pakistan made a detailed report over all the problems of the Rodong-1 missiles, and presumably the majority have been resolved in the Ghauri missile. Mainly the North Korean missile suffered from problems during the atmosphere reentry stage, tending the materials to melt in some cases.
It is estimated that the new inertial guidance system mounted on the Ghauri can receive data in flight via GPS signals. It is possible that Pakistan has achieved a CEP of about 200 meters, which would make it a very accurate missile.
There are about 30 Ghauri I and Ghauri II missile launchers in service, and although Pakistan says it can carry “any type of warhead”, due to its cumbersome use of liquid fuel and slow charge, it is unlikely that these missiles would be loaded with a nuclear warhead exposed to receive an attack on its own soil.

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