Berliet T-12 gallery

The T.12 was an engineering boast by Berliet, with an 8×8 off-road chassis, unusual at the time, its 450 hp V12 engine and a 20 tons capacity winch for recovery tasks.
Along with the tractor truck, a semi trailer was designed for the new projected tank. In this arrangement, the Berliet T.12 could transport a load up to 200 tons!
Load and mobility tests of the Berliet T.12 were carried out with an American M-47 medium tank. This tank had a combat weight of 46 tons in and served properly for these tests.
When the project for a new French tank was abandoned, the project of its transporter was also canceled. Even so, the Berliet T.12 turned out to be one of the most powerful military truck of the 50s.

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