ALIZÉ gallery

Some Alizé carried out training and SAR missions on the Escuadrille 59E in Hyères and others served in tests missions on the Escadrille 10S in Raphael along with Nord-262 and Xingu aircrafts.



The first of the two prototypes flew on October 6, 1956, followed by 3 pre-production aircrafts. In the image the updated Alizé number 49.


Deliveries to the Aéronavale began in May 1959, and were completed in 1962. France had a total of 75 aircrafts in service, which were withdrawn in 2000.


The Alizé had a search radar housed in a retractable ventral radome under the rear of the fuselage. They crew was formed by 3 members, pilot, radar operator and sensor operator.


The Indian Navy operated up to 24 Alizé during 30 years of service. Several operated from the Vikrant aircraft carrier on the INAS-310 “Cobras” Squadron until 1987, and the last units operated ground based in Dabolin until 1992, when they were retired.


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