A-29 SUPER TUCANO gallery

This is an A-29B model of the Força Aerea Brasileira used mainly in border control missions and anti-narcotics combat. In 2011 Super Tucanos participated in the Agata 1, 2 and 3 operations of border control with Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru.


At the beginning of 2016, the USAF within its aid program approved the assignment of twenty A-29 to the Afghan Air Force. Thirty Afghan pilots have also been trained in the USA as part of these grants.


The Colombian Air Force ordered twenty five A-29B from Embraer in 2006 for counter-insurgency tasks. They have been used with great success in important missions against FARC guerrillas.


In late 2010, Indonesia chose the Super Tucano to replace their OV-10 Bronco in light attack missions, completing the delivery of 16 aircraft in 2016.


Mauritania has had four A-29B since 2012 equipped with the FLIR Safir III system for border control missions.

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