AARDVARK JSFU Mk.4 gallery

The Aardvark is a sales success and it is in service in more than 20 countries such as Italy, France, U.K., USA, Canada, Saudi Arabia or South Korea among others.
Aardvark can open a mine-free corridor 3 meters wide, both on flat and undulating terrain and on slopes of up to 30%.
The Aardvark can detonate buried mines up to 800mm deep. It has been used by British and American forces in Afghanistan and Iraq and in commercial cleaning projects in Kuwait and Egypt.
The chains can be equipped with different types of tips such as hammer heads, discs or balls, depending on the type of terrain and the mines to be detonated. The tips are easily replaceable.
Some Aardvarks are used by humanitarian organizations to clean up minefields. These agencies help  countries that currently do not have sufficient means to eliminate mines by themselves.
The flail system can clean surfaces effectively with weeds up to 3m high and branches up to 15cm thick without suffering damage. It is very efective against all type of mines, including cable mines and mine-traps.
The Libyan authorities have a fleet of Aardvarks and South Korea uses them to clean demilitarized zones. Lebanon, Angola, Bosnia and the Jordan Valley have also been territories for the Aardvark.

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