Zala LANCET gallery

(Lancet-3 image). The ZALA Lancet loitering ammunition is the successor to the ZALA KYB and was introduced in June 2019, being used shortly thereafter by Russian troops in the Syrian Civil War. It is designed to carry out standard reconnaissance missions (UAV), or to carry out precision attacks as single-use UAVs (loitering munition). There are three variants called “Lancet-3” (Izdeliye 52), “Lancet-1” and a new heavier and longer range variant called “Izdeliye 51“.
(Lancet-3 image). The Lancet-3 is the basic model, it is made of plastic and composite materials and weighs 12 kg. It has the shape of a missile with 4 X-shaped wings located in the first third of the fuselage and another 4 similar wings located at the rear. In the tail it has a small electric motor that drives a two bladed propeller with which it reaches a cruising speed of 110 km/h, although during the final dive on the target it can reach 300 km/h.
(Lancet-3 image). This loitering munition is launched by catapult from land or naval platforms and is guided in the first stage of the flight by GPS or visually, but during the final stage, when the target is in sight, it is manually directed by the operator through a TV or electro-optical guidance system. The Lancet-3 has a range of 40 km and can stay airborne for 40 minutes. It has two different 3 kg warheads, one is a high explosive (HE) type and the other is a HE-fragmentation type suitable for all types of targets except heavily armored ones.
(Lancet-3 image). There is a lighter variant of the Lancet-3 called Lancet-1. This variant has a takeoff weight of only 5kg and can carry a reconnaissance module or a small 1kg warhead, being able to stay in flight for 30 minutes. The Lancets are being used extensively in the Ukrainian War, apparently with quite satisfactory results, especially against self-propelled missile systems, towed artillery, and self-propelled howitzers.
(Lancet-3 image). Recently there has been news of another heavier variant of the Lancet-3 called “Izdeliye 51“. This UAV has a new electro-optical guidance system and can stay in the air for 1 hour. In addition, it has new 5kg high explosive, high explosive fragmentation, thermobaric and high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) type warheads.

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