Sukhoi Su-24 “FENCER”

Due to the improvement of air defenses and interceptor capabilities during the 1960s, the Soviets considered the need to design a new high-performance aircraft capable of penetrating Western defenses when necessary. From 1962 Sukhoi began to develop several models based on earlier aircraft such as the Su-15 “Flagon”, but it was not until 1967 that a prototype with six engines designated as T-6.1 was presented. This design mounted 2 Tumansky R-27 engines for cruising speeds and 4 Kolesov RD-36-35 engines for the STOL needs requested by the Air Force. However, the entry into service at that time of the American F-111 bomber showed the advantages of a variable geometry wing configuration, known as the “swing wing”. The 6-engine/STOL concept was abandoned and it was then decided to include the “swing wing” in the new aircraft, which would continue its development until 1974, when the first Sukhoi Su-24 “Fencer”, as it was designated, entered service.

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Información adicional

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Country of origin

Soviet Union




Tactical bomber – Strike

Entered service




Combat weight

39,700 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

24.53 x 17.63 (wing at 16º) or 10.34 (wing at 69º) x 6.19 meters

Wing area

55.16 m2 at 16º – 51.00 m2 at 69º

Power plant

2 x Lyulka AL.21F.3A turbojet engines,76.49 kN dry or 109.83 kN with afterburner (each)

Power, (total)

152.98 kN (81,690 hp) dry – 219.66 kN (117,298 hp) afterburner


Su.24 Fencer C: max. Mach 1.88 (2,315 km/h) at high altitude – Mach 1.15 (1,410 km/h) at sea level
Su.24 Fencer D: max. Mach 1.35 (1,653 km/h) at high altitude – Mach 1.07 (1,320 km/h) at sea level

Climb rate

9,685 meters per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

Su.24 Fencer C: 17,500 meters – Su.24 Fencer D: 11,000 meters


Max. ferry range: 2,500 km

Combat radius

Su.24 Fencer C: 322 km in lo-lo-lo mission – 950 km in lo-lo-hi mission – 1,050 km in hi-lo-hi mission
Su.24 Fencer D: 560 km in lo-lo-lo mission with 3,000 kg of ordnance


1 x internal 23 mm GSh.6.23M six barreled rotary gun with 500 rounds and 9 hardpoints for 8,000 kg of ordnance


Cluster type: 250 kg RBK.250 – 500 kg RBK.500
Laser guided type: 500 kg KAB.500L – 1,500 kg KAB.1500L
Nuclear type: TN.1000 – TN.1200
Thermobaric (FAE) type: 500 kg ODAB.500PM – Demolition type: 500 kg BETAB.500
TV guided type: 500 kg KAB.500KR / OD / SE – 1,500 kg KAB.1500KR


Type: 80mm S.8 – 122mm S.13 – 240mm S.24B – 340mm S.25OFM/LD

Air-to-air missiles

Type: R.60MK (AA.8 Aphid) – R.73E (AA.11 Archer)

Air-to-surface missiles

Anti-radiation type: Kh.25MP (AS.10 Karen) – Kh.27PS (AS.12 Kegler) – Kh.28 (AS.9 Kyle) – Kh.31P (AS.17 Krypton) – Kh.58E (AS.11 Kitter)
Type: Kh.23M /AS.7 Kerry) – Kh.25ML (AS.10 Karen) – Kh.29L/T/D (AS.14 Kedge) – Kh.59ME (AS.13 Kingbolt)

Anti-ship missiles

Type: Kh.31A (AS.17 Krypton)


About 1,400 of all variants