In 1985 Israel introduced a high destructive air to surface missile, the Popeye or AGM-142 “Have Nap” according to U.S. designation. The first model had inertial, infrared image or TV guidance, having the peculiarity that once launched, another platform could guide the missile towards the target, allowing the launch aircraft to leave the area. Since then, other versions have appeared, such as the lighter Popeye II or Popeye Lite, the Popeye Turbo ALCM cruise type with a range of 200km, the “Have Rain” anti-ship type and the controversial Popeye Turbo SLCM cruise type and submarine launch, which is believed to have nuclear capacity and a range of 1500km.

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Country of origin



Rafael Advanced Defense Systems


Air-launch cruise missile – Submarine-launch cruise missile

Entered service

Popeye, 1985 – Turbo ALCM, 1994 – Turbo SLCM, 2002 – Have Rain, 2004

Missile/bomb dimensions, (length x diameter)

Popeye Lite, 4.24 x 0.53 meters
Popeye/Have Nap, 4.82 x 0.53 meters
Turbo ALCM, 6.25 x 0.53 meters

Missile/bomb weight

Popeye/Have Nap; 1,360 kg – Popeye Lite; 1,125 kg – Have Rain, 900 kg

Missile range

Popeye/Have Nap, 78 km – Turbo ALCM, 320 km – Turbo SLCM; 1,500 km

Guidance system

Inertial, TV and Infrared

Warhead, (explosive charge)

Weight: 340 kg – Type: HE fragmentation (Popeye missile)
Weight: 360 kg – Type: HE (Popeye missile)


In service or were in service in Australia, India, Israel, South Korea, Turkey and USA