Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-25R/RB “FOXBAT.B”

The Mig-25R reconnaissance aircraft began its career on March 6, 1964 as type “Ye-155R-1”, even before the interception version was ready. It was accepted for service in 1969 and in 1971 four aircraft under designation “X-500” were delivered to Egypt with a trial unit to carry out reconnaissance missions over Israel. These “X-500” flew missions at Mach 2.83, so they could not be intercepted by the Israelis fighters, and so they remained until their retirement in 1975. They could mount up to five cameras, although the usual were to mount three, one vertical, and two oblique with lenses of 300 and 600mm respectively. In 1970 its designation changed to Mig-25RB “Foxbat-B” and remained in production until 1982, being able to carry out high-altitude bombing missions. The later versions were the Mig-25RBS, RSh and RBV in addition to a pair of variants for electronic warfare, the Mig-25RBK and RBF “Foxbat-D”.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

Soviet Union


Mikoyan Gurevich


Reconnaissance / bomber aircraft

Entered service




Combat weight

36,720 kg – 41,190 kg with external fuel tank

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

23.82 x 14.01 x 6.10 meters

Wing area

61.40 m2

Power plant

2 x Tumansky R-15B-300 turbojets, 73.5 kN dry or 100.1 kN with afterburner (each)

Power, (total)

147.0 kN (78,498 hp) dry – 200.2 kN (106,906 hp) afterburner


Max. Mach 2.83 (3,466 km/h) – Cruise Mach 2.35 (2,878 km/h)

Climb rate

12,480 meters per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

20,646 meters


1,635 km in supersonic flight or 1,865 in subsonic flight with internal fuel


6 hardpoints for 3,000 kg of ordnace


6 x 500 kg or 1 nuclear type


1,186 of all variants