Mack M-123 series

In 1955 it became evident the replacement of the M-20M-26 and M-26A1 tank transporters that had given such valuable services to the American forces since WWII. The Mack company designed a 6×6 10-ton truck tractor under designation M-123. This vehicle could also perform recovery tasks thanks to a dual winch installed behind the cab. Between 1955 and 1957, 392 trucks of the M-123, M-123C and M-123D variants were delivered to the US Army. Between 1965 and 1968 Mack and Consolidated Diesel companies built the most numerous model of the whole series, the M-123A1C. A total of 3,608 vehicles of this variant were built and a single winch and a new Cummins diesel engine were installed. In 1968, all the M-123 / C / D tractor trucks were converted to the M-123A1 model, which mounted a double winch and a Cummins diesel engine. The M-123 used the M-15A1 and M-15A2 heavy loads semitrailers and the M-172 and M-172A1 semitrailers for loads up to 25 tons.

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Country of origin

United States


Mack trucks – Consolidated Diesel


Tank transporter

Entered service




Combat weight

M.123: 16,245 kg
M.15 semi trailer: 18,050 kg empty – 58,050 kg at full load
M.172 semi trailer: 7,030 kg empty – 29,710 kg at full load

Dimensions (length x width x height)

M.123: 7.11 x 2.85 x 2.82 meters
M.15 semi trailer: 11.53 x 3.75 x 1.70 meters
M.172 semi trailer: 10.31 x 2.92 x 1.36 meters

Power plant

M.123 C / D / A1 / A1C: 1 x Cummins V8 diesel engine, 300 hp
M.123: 1 x Le Roi T-H844 V8 petrol engine, 297 hp


68 km/h


480 km

Load capacity

60,000 kg towed


M.123C/D: 392 – M.123A1C: 3,608