LEOPARD 2A4 (upgraded variants) MBT

Different companies from Germany, Switzerland and Turkey have developed different modernization packages for the fleet of Leopard 2A4 tanks in service with many years behind them. The first package was designed in 2007 by IBD Deisenroth of Germany and was called “Evolution” and the last one to date was presented in 2016 by the German firm Rheinmetall under the name of “Leopard 2 ADT (Advanced Technology Demonstrator)”. With these updates the Leopard 2A4 can stay on the front line for another few years. Different countries like Singapore, Indonesia, Poland, Turkey and Canada have Leopard 2A4 tanks in service with different upgrade packages installed.

LEOPARD 2A4 MBT (upgrade packages) gallery and more info

LEOPARD 2A4 MBT (upgraded variants) gallery and more info


Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

Tank: Germany – Upgrade packages: Germany, Switzerland and Turkey


Tank: Krauss-Maffei – MaK
Upgrade packages: ASELSAN – IBD Deisenroth – KMW – Rheinmetall – RUAG


Main Battle Tank

Entered service

Development: From 2003 to 2020 – In service: From 2009 onwards



Combat weight

Evolution / MBT Evolution / MLU I: 60,000 kg – MLU II: 61,000 kg
Pz-87 WE: 55,000 kg – 56,500 kg (prototype) – RI / PL: 59,000 kg
SG / TM/TRT1: 62,000 kg – A4M / MBT Revolution / NG / ADT: 62,500 kg

Dimensions (length x width x height)

A4M: 9.61 x 4.05 x 2.48 meters – MLU II: 9.67 x 4.40 x 2.48 meters
Evolution / MLU I / MBT Evolution / PL / Pz-87 WE / RI / SG / TM/TRT1: 9.67 x 3.75 x 2.48 meters
MBT Revolution: 11.00 x 3.75 x 2.48 meters – ADT: 11.20 x 4.12 x 3.03 meters

Power plant

1 x MTU MB 873 Ka-501 liquid-cooled V12 twin-turbo diesel engine, 1,500 hp


68 km/h on road


ADT: 1 x Rheinmetall 120mm L/44 or L/55 (optional) smoothbore gun
All variants: 1 x Rheinmetall 120mm L/44 smoothbore gun (see photo gallery for details)
Secondary armament: See photo gallery for details


See photo gallery for details