KALIBR (cruise missile family)

In 1993, Russia introduced to the public the Kalibr cruise missiles family, which can be launched from submarines, surface ships, aircraft and land platforms. The family comprises several types of anti-ship, land-attack, air-to-surface and anti-submarine missiles. It can be said that these missiles are the Russian response to the American Tomahawk missiles, which became so famous during the 1991 Gulf War. Thirty years later, the Kalibr missiles have repeated the same amazing images on TV, those of their low-altitude flight heading relentlessly towards their targets, this time over Ukraine.

KALIBR cruise missiles gallery and more info


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Country of origin



Novator Design Bureau – KTRV


Multi-platform cruise missile

Entered service

AShM: 1994 – ALCM: 2007 – SLCM: 2012

Missile/bomb dimensions, (length x diameter)

3M54E: 8.22 x 0.534 meters
3M54E1 / 3M14E: 6.20 x 0.534 meters
3M54TE / 3M54TE1 / 3M14TE / 91RTE2: 8.91 x 0.645 meters
91RE1: 7.65 x 0.534 meters

Missile/bomb weight

From 1,696 to 3,655 kg

Missile speed

Subsonic variants: Mach 0.8 (980 km/h) – Supersonic variants: Mach 2.9 (3,552 km/h)

Missile range

3M54 / 3M54T: 660 km (estimated) – 3M14 / 3M14T: 2,500 km (estimated)
3M54E / 3M54TE: 220km
3M54E1 / 3M54TE1 / 3M14E / 3M14TE: 275 km
91RE1: 50 km – 91RTE2: 40km

Guidance system

Anti-ship variants: inertial + active radar seeker
Anti-submarine variants: inertial + acoustic target seeker
Land attack variants: inertial/doppler + GPS/GLONASS receiver

Warhead, (explosive charge)

Anti-ship variants: 200 or 400 kg high explosive (HE)
Anti-submarine variants: 500 kg (homing torpedo)
Land attack variants: conventional 450 kg high explosive – thermonuclear 50 kT (Russian variants only)

C.E.P., (circular error probability)

Land attack variant with GLONASS: 2-3 meter – Land attack variant without GLONASS: 50 meters


Several thousands