Expal BRP-250

The BRP-250 aerial bomb is a Spanish development of the American Mk.80 LGDP, (Low Drag General Purpose) bomb, and is built by the Spanish Expal company. Consists of a 250 kg bomb and a parachute system that brakes the bomb in the fall to its target. These bombs are considered of gereral purpose type and are efectives against all types of targets, especially those that are not hardened, such as vehicles, aircrafts or normal buildings. The BRP, (Baja Resistencia Paracaidas -Low Resistance Parachute) bombs, are specially designed to be launched at low altitude, (around 55 meters), and speeds between 300 and 600 knots per hour, (550-1,100 km/h). The Argentinian Air Force’s Dagger fighterbombers widely used them during the Falklands War in actions against the British HMS Plymouth and HMS Antrim warships, and later in a raid over a refrigeration plant and ammunition depot in Ajax Bay, which were badly damaged.

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Country of origin



Expal (Explosivos Alaveses)


Free fall – unguided bomb

Entered service


Missile/bomb dimensions, (length x diameter)

2.13 meters in lenght

Missile/bomb weight

234 kg

Warhead, (explosive charge)

Weight: 84 kg – Explosive: TNT, Tritonal or H6