BRP-250 gallery

The BRP-250 are free fall bombs suitable for general purpose and limited value objectives. They can be launched from 55 meters altitude and allows the launcher aircraft to leave the area unscathed from the blast of the bomb.
BRP-250 can be armed with mechanical fuzes such as “Kappa III” or with electronic fuzes type “Kappa E” that can be delayed to increase their effectiveness. The SSQ (Super Super Quick) type can also be mounted, which explodes a meter above ground to improve the effects of the explosion.
In this schematic section, the general layout of the explosive charge and the two openings in which it is possible to install the different fuzes can be observed. The orange color is used with the training bombs, which do not carry the explosive charge but cement or other compounds. This allows to simulate the real weight of the bomb and allows to observate better the cloud of dust generated after the impact on the target during practice.

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