Breguet Br.1150 ALIZÉ

The Breguet Alizé is the complete development of the Vultur prototype created under the requirements of the Marine Nationale in 1948 for a carrier attack aircraft. No orders were made for the Vultur, but its design was transformed into a new ASW aircraft that successfully served for more than 40 years with the Aéronavale. They served on the Arromanches, Foch and Clemenceau aircraft carriers and participated in the NATO air campaign over Kosovo in 1999 along with many more war operations like the Desert Shield and Desert Storm campaigns in 1990 and 1991. Twenty nine aircrafts received an upgrade program in the 1980s including the Thomson-CSF “Iguane” radar system, (similar to the one mounted by the Dassault Atlantique NG), OMEGA radio navigation system and a new ARAR-12 radio and radar location system. In the 90s, the 24 survivors received a second major upgrades package, such as a new decoy system and a Thomson-CSF TTD Optronique Chlio forward-looking infrared (FLIR) imaging sensor. The last units were retired from service in 2000 when the Foch aircraft carrier was decomissioned and sold to the Brazilian Navy that put her in service with the name of Sao Paulo.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin



Breguet (Dassault Aviation)


Anti-submarine – Maritime patrol aircraft

Entered service



3: pilot, navigator and radar operator

Combat weight

8,200 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

13.86 x 15.60 x 5.00 meters

Wing area

36 m2

Power plant

1 x Rolls-Royce Dart RDa 7 Mk.21

Power, (total)

1,975 hp


Max. 520 km/h – Cruise 370 km/h

Climb rate

420 meters per minute

Ceiling, (maximum)

6,250 meters

Combat radius

2,870 km


Internal bay and harpoints for 1,250 kg of torpedoes, depth charges, rockets and missiles


Type: 68mm rockets pods

Anti-ship missiles

Type: AS-12 wired guided


Total 87: France: 75 – India: 12