Antonov AN-32 “CLINE”

The Antonov-32 “Cline” was the natural successor of the Antonov-26 “Curl”. It was designed to operate in high altitude and very warm conditions, and it is very well conditioned for operations on poorly prepared runways. It mounts the same engines used in larger transport models such as the Antonov 12 “Cub” or IIlyushin 18 “Coot”, which allows them to operate on tracks up to 4,500 meters above sea level. This model achieved several world records for his loaded climbing ability and his sustained altitude flight. It carries panels with rollers for the extraction of loads by means of parachutes. It has been a remarkable sales success with almost 400 aircraft built in its more than 35 years of career with 20 air forces from around the world. There are specialized versions for maritime patrol or another for firefighting missions designed as “Firekiller”.

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Información adicional

Ficha Completa
Country of origin

Soviet Union and Ukraine




Tactical transport aircraft

Entered service




Combat weight

27,000 kg

Dimensions (length x wingspan x height)

23.78 x 29.20 x 8.75 meters

Wing area

75 m2

Power plant

2 x ZMKB Progress (Ivchyenko) AI.29DM serie 5 turbopropeller, 5,112 ehp each

Power, (total)

10,224 ehp


Max. 530 km/h – Cruise 470 km/h

Ceiling, (maximum)

9,500 meters


2,000 km at full load – 2,500 km with load of 3,700kg

Load capacity

6,700 kg


373 aircrafts in service in 20 Countries