AN-32 CLINE gallery

The Bangladeshi Air Force has three An-32 Cline in service for tactical transport missions. These aircraft are of Ukrainian origin and two are of B variant and one of A variant.


The Croatian Air Force operated two An-32B until 2014 when they were retired from service.


The Indian Air Force is the largest user of “An-32 Cline”, having had up to 125 aircrafts in service under the name of “Sutlej”. Its main role is transportation at medium distances, although it also performs bombing and para dropping missions.


There are currently about 100 aircraft in service within the Indian Air Force, and they have been upgraded with new avionics and other improvements. Thirty-five have been upgraded in Ukraine and the rest in India itself.



Mexico had 2 aircrafts in service, one operated with the Air Force and another of B variant served with the Naval Aviation. Currently, none are in service.


Peruvian Naval Aviation’s An-32 Cline were acquired from Hungary and have weapons for ASW missions such as bombs, torpedoes and depth charges.


Peru has six An-32B, two with the Air Force, two with the Naval Aviation and two with the Army Aviation. The Air Force’s Clines are framed in the 843 Squadron in Callao AFB. 

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