TYPE 95 spaag gallery

The Type 95 vehicle can be said to be the Chinese proposal to compete with the well-known Soviet ZSU-23-4 Shilka, although the Chinese model has a longer range and has four anti-aircraft missiles installed since the beginning of its commissioning.
Despite being a modern and well conceived vehicle, no country has acquired it and is only in service within Chinese Army. Its effectiveness against high speed and low altitude aircraft may be questioned, but it can be a very useful vehicle against helicopters or as fire support vehicle for ground troops.
Its “official presentation” was made during the 1999 Military Parade in Beijing, although its development began in the mid-80s when China adquired a turret from the italian model Sidam 25, very similar to the one installed later in the Type 95.
Each barrel has a maximum rate of fire about 800 rpm, which altogether totals 3,200 rpm. It is estimated that Type 95 carries about 1,000 rounds for immediate use, and the empty caps fall directly outside the vehicle after firing.
Type 95 takes about ten seconds to be able to fire after detecting the threat if the radar is in exploration mode and only six seconds if it is in optical mode. The gunner can aim manually or by attending to the automatic optical system that issues an alert when the target is within range of their weapons.
This is the battery control vehicle that carries a CLC-2 surveillance radar that operates in S-band and has a range of 45 km. The CLC-2 is a Doppler type radar that can transmit the information via cable, radio or digital signals. It is usually deployed ahead of the anti-aircraft vehicles to be able to alert them prematurely and increase the battery’s effectiveness.

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