TYPE-91/93 missile gallery

The Type-91 is a fourth-generation MANPADS type missile, much more capable than the Stinger, which it replaced within the Japanese Army. It is colloquially known as “Hand Arrow” within the JGSDF.
Type-91 missile weighs 11.5 kg and reaches a speed of Mach 1.9 with their two rocket solid motors. Currently, Japan is the only user and has more than 200 launchers in service.
The mobile variant of Type-91 missile is called Type-93 and uses a BXD10 light vehicle derived from the Toyota Mega Cruiser model as the basis of the system. The vehicle mounts a 150 hp 4.1L turbo-diesel engine and is unarmoured.
This system is known within the Japanese Army as “Closed Arrow” and has been the replacement of the last anti-aircraft towed guns in service within the JGSDF. Currently, the Type-93 is used only by the Japanese Army, which has about 113 units in service.

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