TYPE-87 AWSP gallery

The Type-87 appeared at the end of the 80s when the M-42 Duster were totally obsolete. The system consists of the mixture of reliable Oerlikon guns and a chassis already in service, which guarantees the fast effectiveness of the units that use it.
The Type 87 has the same engine as the Type-74 MBT, though somewhat more powerful since this vehicle weighs about 6 tons more than the tank. It has the ability to shoot in motion and can detect aircraft about 20 km away.
The 35mm Oerlikon guns fires incendiary, armour piercing and high explosive ammunition at a rate of 550 per minute each. Usually the Type-87 fight together antiaircraft missiles that complete the air defense of the assigned area.
The Type-87 has a maximum effective range against aircraft of about 4,000 meters, insufficient to protect effectively static targets. However, it is effective against helicopters and aircraft that attack units on the battlefield. In addition, it can be used as a terrific fire support vehicle for ground troops.

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