TYPE-11 Tan SAM Kai II gallery

The Type.11 is replacing the Type.81 system within the JGSDF and the missile has been improved with the installation of a phased array active radar seeker. This new device allows trajectory changes during the flight by orders issued by the Fire Control Systems vehicle.
This is the Fire Control Systems vehicle that is based on a three-dimensional Doppler radar that locates the targets and guide the missiles, It also has a thermal imager to be able to operate better in big ECM environments. Normally the launch vehicles are located about 300 meters away from the F.C.S. vehicle, which traces an intercepting course and finally launches the missiles.
The new missile do not generate smoke after its launch and the engine has been re-powered allowing a range of about 14 km. The Type.11 can be ready to fire in about 30 minutes, and reloading of the 4 missiles takes about 3 minutes.

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