TIRAN-6 gallery

Around 100 Tiran 6 were used by the IDF forming two Armored Brigades. At the time of its capture, the T-62 was the maximum armoured exponent from the USSR and with its 115mm gun it was able to face the British and American tanks with chances of victory.
The Israelis replaced the Soviet 115mm U-5TS gun with the American 105mm M-68 together with the communications equipment, to maintain the homogeneity in the equipment of their forces.
The 588 hp Soviet V.55 diesel engine was also replaced with a 450 hp American General Motors 8V-71T diesel engine and it was installed a laser rangefinder and a thermal sight for the gunner. After putting into service the Merkava MBT almost all Tiran 6 tanks were sold, leaving only 5 examples that were removed from service in 1990.

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