T-129 ATAK gallery

Although it looks very similar to the A-129 Mangusta, T-129 Atak is much more advanced and has last generation’s weapons and equipment. The Turkish authorities, according to the signed agreement, have complete marketing rights and can export the helicopter to third countries without restrictions, except the engines, which are under American patent and need the permission of LHTEC company.
The agreement with AgustaWestland contemplates the manufacture of 51 helicopters in a first series, which has been finally raised to 60 with nine T-129A. A second batch of 40 units will be manufactured if the Turkish Army deems it necessary in the future.
All T-129A entered service in 2014, and were of the EDH-A variant, similar to the Italian A-129 CBT model, less advanced and optimized for combat support. This version does not use UMTAS anti-tank missiles, it is only armed with the 20mm multibarrel gun and 70mm unguided rockets.
The T-129A Atak have been upgraded to the T-129B variant, so the entire fleet is homogeneous and with the same capabilities. T-129A entered combat in April 2015 in the province of Siirt in the Southeast of Turkey. In February 2018, during Turkish military operations in the Northwest of Syria, a T-129 was shot down by anti-aircraft fire from the Kurdish Militias.
The turboshafts mounted on T-129 are those intended for the canceled RAH-66 Comanche attack helicopter and are characterized by their lightness, small size and excellent power output. They measure only 80 cm in length, have a weight of 143 kg and a power of up to 1,563 shp, although for the T-129 its power has been reduced to 1,360 shp.
The range of weapons for T-129 is huge, with TOW, Hellfire, Spike-ER, UMTAS and OMTAS anti-tank missiles and Sidewinder, Stinger and Mistral air-to-air missiles. It also use laser guided Roketsan Cirit rockets and unguided Hydra 70 and 81mm and 70mm rockets.
Despite the interest of countries like Bahrain, Jordan, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Azerbaijan, Poland, Malaysia, Phillippines or South Korea, finally Pakistan has been the first country to place an order for 30 T-129 Atak in May of 2018.

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