SKIPJACK class gallery

(USS SSN-585 Skipjack). The design of the Skipjack class would become a kind of standardized of what a “modern attack nuclear submarine” was. They were the fastest American nuclear submarines until the arrival of Los Angeles class SSNs in the mid-70s. This was thanks to its hydrodynamic hull shape and the use of HY-80 steel in its construction. Likewise, its S5W nuclear reactor became the standard powerplant in all subsequent submarines until the arrival of Los Angeles class.
(USS SSN-585 Skipjack). The Skipjack class was used as the basis for design of the George Washington ballistic nuclear submarines (SSBN) class, and they were the firsts nuclear submarines with a single shaft. This type of installation prevented torpedo tubes from being installed in the stern, so their armament was limited to six 533mm torpedo tubes in the bow along with 24 torpedoes.
(USS SSN-591 Shark). The Skipkacks, despite being shorter than other submarines, were very comfortable for their crew, allowing them to make long sea patrols. They had a very spacious torpedo room that allowed for additional crew accommodation and the officers area was also comfortable. The engineering area were divided in the engine room followed by a huge auxiliary machinery room and the reactor compartment. Many of the reactor’s control equipment were in the auxiliary area, far from the steamplant and the humidity and vapors emitted by them. This circumstance helped to the reliability and good functioning of this complex equipment.
(USS SSN-592 Snook). These submarines enjoyed a long career and were much appreciated within the US Navy.  Unfortunately the SSN-589 Scorpion suffered a fatal accident in May 1968. According to the most plausible hypothesis, an internal explosion in the electric batteries produced a fissure that caused the submarine flooded and went to the bottom of the ocean with the 99 members of its crew. The hull would be found six months later at 3,000 meters depth, about 700 km southwest from the Azores Islands.

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