SA-313B/SA-318C ALOUETTE II gallery

The small Alouette II quickly became the nucleus of numerous helicopter forces due to its versatility. They were able to perform liaison, observation, training, photo reconnaissance, ambulance, escort, attack and rescue missions. They were especially effective in high mountain rescues thanks to their ability to fly at high altitudes.
Thanks to the installation of gas turbines, these helicopters were very fast and climbed at high speed so the French Army quickly put them into service in 1957. They actively served in the Algerian campaign transporting troops and were armed with SS-10 and SS-11 anti-tank missiles. Surely they were the first gunship helicopters in the world. Here we see a French SA-313B with SS-11 missiles.
The Alouette II could carry four soldiers equipped and in air ambulance role carried two stretchers outside. The armament used to be composed of machine guns although the French Navy enabled some for anti-submarine tasks and installed light torpedoes. Some civil operators used this model as a flying crane, being able to transport loads of up to 500 kg with a cargo hook installed under the belly.
France widely operated the Alouette II, and was in service in all branches of the Armed Forces in addition to the Gendarmerie Nationale. Along with France, another 50 countries chose it for different missions, which made it one of the most successful helicopters in the World. It is still possible to see it in flight even though its production ended more than 40 years ago.
West Germany became the main operator of Alouette II helicopter, of which it came to have 226 SA-313B and 54 SA-318C framed in the “Heeresfliegentruppen” (Army Aviation) since 1959.
At the end of the 1990s, Germany had in service around 50 Alouette II in four Support Squadrons. Several dozen more in the Weapons School within the Army Aviation, but they were decommissioned in the early 2000s.

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