RK-3 KORSAR gallery

The RK-3 Korsar anti-tank system consists of a missile, packaged in a transport and launch container, the PN-KU guidance device, and a collapsible tripod. Nonetheless, the missile can be fired from the shoulder, like an anti-tank grenade launcher, without the need for the tripod and auxiliary elements. This feature allows great flexibility of use as it can be fired practically from any position, prepared or unprepared. The Korsar is designed to attack mobile and stationary targets, including vehicles equipped with ERA (explosive reactive armor).
The missile has a semi-automatic guidance system by laser beam riding and has a thermal imager that allows its use both day and night and in all-weather conditions. The guidance system is made by Izyum Instrument-Making Plant and is very accurate with a maximum error of 25 cm when firing from its maximum range of 2.5 km. Since 2018 Korsar missiles use a Greek thermal imager and can hit targets at night from 1.5 km away. The Korsar missile can be fired to a target from a minimum distance of 50 meters.
RK-3 Korsar anti-tank system weighs 35.8 kg in total. The 107mm diameter missile comes in a 1.18 meter long container that weighs 15.5 kg and has two different types of warheads. One is the RK-3OF high explosive-fragmentation, capable of penetrating up to 50mm of armor (RHA) and the other is the RK-3K HEAT tandem hollow-charge, capable of penetrating 550mm of armor (RHA) behind explosive reactive armor (ERA).
In 2017, the Ukrainian Army placed the first order for RK-3 Korsar systems consisting of 50 launchers and an unknown number of missiles, which was later expanded in 2019 with another order for 50 more launchers. Presumably their deliveries to the Ukrainian Army will have greatly increased since the Russian attack in February 2022, as it is easy to find videos where troops are seen with these missiles. It has been exported to Saudi Arabia and Bangladesh in unknown quantities.
The RK-3 Korsar has been installed in different vehicles without any problem since, thanks to its lightness and ease of use, it is not necessary to prepare the vehicles with special elements. In Poland, the Pirat anti-tank missile has been developed based on the Korsar but with a semi-active laser homing guidance system. Likewise, in 2018 the Jordanian firm Jadara Equipment and Defense Systems presented the Terminator missile, a license-built copy of the Korsar missile.

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