REGULUS I gallery

The aircraft carriers could launch the Regulus I through their catapults, and for this reason a 3 wheels dolly was installed on the missiles. They were also fired from launchers called “mobile zero-length”. In total, up to 4 missiles could be fired at once.
Regulus I missile was radiocontrolled and very accurate. In November 1957, one missile impacted less than 150 meters from its target after a flight of 503km and two guide transfers between the three platforms that guided it. In this ocassion 1 cruiser and 2 submarines.
The radio control system was prone to jamming, which made it very vulnerable to countermeasures. In 1961, there were only two cruiser ships with Regulus I missiles aboard, but when Regulus II program was canceled, 3 submarines were added to the list of ships capable of launching them.
The submarines armed with Regulus I were: USS Tunney, USS Barber, USS Grayback, USS Growler and USS Halibut, the latter of nuclear propulsion. Grayback and Growler carried 4 missiles in two twin hangars, Tunney and Barbero carried 2 missiles in a single hangar and Halibut carried 5 missiles in their internal hangar.
The Regulus I missile had 2 booster engines with 14,850 kg of thrust each and 1 engine for its cruise flight with 2,070 kg of thrust. Two warheads could be mounted, the 50kt fission warhead W-5 and the 2Mt thermonuclear W-27 warhead.

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