PTRS-41 gallery

The PTRS-41 was similar to PTRD-41, they fired the same ammunition and had similar performance. It was designed by Sergei G. Simonov, designer of the successful SKS semi-automatic carbine. Although it was a good design, it did not achieve the same success as the model designed by Vasily A. Degtyaryov, less sophisticated, but much more reliable in combat.
The rifle had 5 different types of ammunition available: BS-41 (Armor-piercing incendiary), B-32 (Armor-piercing incendiary full metal jacket), BZT (Armor-piercing incendiary tracer full metal jacket), MDZ (High-explosive incendiary) and ZP (Incendiary tracer). Each cartridge weighed about 200 grams and measured more than 15cm. The BS-41 cartridge was especially effective, having a 38.7 gram tungsten carbide core that could penetrate up to 25mm armour at 400 meters away.
In two years, 1,500,000 anti-tank rifles were manufactured, which allowed all the Infantry Regiments to be equipped with an antitank rifle company, with 27 antitank teams. During Battle of Kursk they formed independent antitank rifle battalions with 200 soldiers and about 60 anti-tank rifles. After WWII, the decline of this type of rifles began, although they faced the British and American tanks during the Korean War. Surprisingly, during the Donbass War started in Ukraine in 2014, it has been possible to see some militiamen (on the image), using these powerful weapons.

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